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Wouf is a brand for fashion & lifestyle accessories based in Spain. It was founded in 2008 with the aim to build more positive and responsible essentials for the daily life.


All the prints are authentic and original to Wouf. They design and produce entirely in Barcelona, striving to create functional and long-lasting products with respect to the environment.


90% of their products are made with either recycled or sustainable materials. Their packaging is entirely made of responsible materials and they do not use any plastic. By 2022 their aim is to reach a 100% recycled production.




“Our mission is to create the best partner for the life on-the-go. Formed by a large selection of essentials for the daily life, our collections are made to be everything that Wouf is: fun, conscious and suited for everyone.”

Sustainable practices

#1 Local production

Wouf has been a local company since day one. They have grown over the years, but always remained entirely local and in perfect harmony with their hometown, Barcelona. By doing so, they optimise resources, lower their carbon footprint, guarantee a safe work environment and have better control over each and every work process.

#2 Responsible materials


Wouf is committed to improve their production in order to preserve the environment. In 2019 they launched their first recycled collection, using fabrics made from post-consumer plastic bottles. In 2021, they transformed their main collection in recycled, too. 


Today 90% of their production is made with recycled or responsible materials: from eco-friendly inks to recycled sewing threads, everything is chosen to generate minimum impact on the planet. They work with high quality materials so that their products can be used for a long, long time.

Turning old bottles into accessories


90% of Wouf products are made with recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles.


In this way Wouf:


– reduces the amount of plastic that goes to the landfill,

– uses 70% less energy,

-75% less CO2,

– 86% less water


compared to making virgin fabrics. 

#3 Forecast-based production model


In order to reduce waste Wouf combines efficiency with resource optimisation. On one hand, they avoid waste (by discarding minimum amount of raw materials). On the other hand, they plan their production according to realistic forecasts. 


Their production is adjustable but steady, avoiding overproduction while guaranteeing enough stock. 


#4 Never stop improving


Wouf’s goals for 2022 are:


– 100% of products made of recycled or sustainable materials;


– Replace the recycled plastic bags from the packaging for plastic-free alternatives;


– Own production factory, 9 km away from their headquarters built according to sustainable standards.


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