My lavanda

About the brand

My Lavanda is an independent family-owned brand based in Bulgaria. 


Zheni and Dobromir are a lovely couple dedicated to the sustainable production of natural cosmetics. Each of their soaps is designed and handmade with a lot of love and attention. ⁣


Their unique formulas combine knowledge of ethnobotany and modern research. Zheni and Dobromir use a wide variety of nourishing plant oils, herbal extracts, essential oils, clays and sea salts to create an extremely pure cosmetics, inspired by the life force of nature.

“Elementa Terrae” collection

The collection of natural soaps “Elementa Terrae” is dedicated to the four natural elements that support life – Air, Ignis, Aqua and Terra. The fifth soap “Flos Meus” is the personification of true love, expressed through the interaction and unity of natural elements.


My Lavanda produces 100% handmade soaps. They use a “cold process”, which allows work at low temperatures and ensures maximum preservation of valuable molecules in the plant raw materials. 


The couple work with minimal electricity consumption and aim to limit carbon emissions. They do not use palm oil in their products due to the widespread exploitation of nature and the destruction of tropical rainforests, leading to dramatic climate change and the extinction of valuable plant and animal species.

Discover “Elementa Terrae” Collection

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